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"The Expert Secrets Every Horse Lover Like You Needs To Know About Training Their Horse"

Revealed To You - The Perfect Guide To Horse Training - Written By A Master Of The Art

Since its re-discovery a few years ago expert trainers worldwide have adopted it as 'their' training system
and many thousands of horse lovers have adopted Jesse Beery's "Common Sense" approach too.
Many people have also bought the course just because it's a great insight into the life & times of the early 1900s. It's an historical gem!

This set of 8 training manuals in.pdf form gives you all this...

  • It describes in detail each of the steps Professor Beery used to train a horse, starting with his system of assessing a horse's character and likely behavior from his own acute observations.
  • His system became so accurate that Beery was able to 'size up' the character, demeanor and attitude of a horse in just a few minutes. This initial assessment is described in detail so that anyone can understand and use it.
  • The course looks at the fundamentals of training a horse and the Beery method of achieving them - all illustrated with original captions, illustrations & photographs.
  • Then come the common 'bad habits' of horses and the Beery methods of training the animal to eliminate the habit and foster future good behavior. Each habit is examined in detail and in many cases more than one solution is offered. In addition these sections describe actual examples and 'eye witness' accounts. It makes great reading!
  • Beery also quotes, again from 'eye witness' accounts of what happened in the many horse shows and training 'clinics' he ran all over the USA. These descriptions, amusing, frightening and fascinating are a great insight into the life of a horse expert of the day.
  • The Professor describes the common horse breeds used at the time and the habits, strengths & weaknesses of each. This is a real eye-opener.
  • Finally, there's a fascinating chapter on the life of a two horses ...from the horses' perspective!! It describes how each horse was trained, their experiences and the ups and downs of their lives. It describes in detail their fears, their phobias and their feelings. It's a wonderfully descriptive and understanding narrative that shows Beery's insight into horses and is destined to make you feel and think as a horse.....just for a few minutes!

This course is all about YOU using the skills of a legendary horse trainer. It trains you to use your own natural ability so
that your horse does exactly what you want.

Let Me Tell You A True, Short Story.

Jesse Beery published this mail order course in 1908 . He was aged 47 and it represented the total
of his tremendous experience in training all types of horses. Professor Beery was as famous then
as any film star today and commanded a large fee everywhere he
went. Today it would cost you the equivalent of over $ 2000 to hire him for the day!

His 8 booklets covers basic training and also fixing the bad habits and vices you are likely to see in
any horse. There's lots more besides, as you can see. Here's a list of the 8 booklets and an illustration of the original first volume cover:

Horsemanship Books

1 ). Colt Training

2 ). Disposition & Subjection

3 ). Kicking & Baulking

4 ). Shying & Running Away

5 ). Bad to Shoe & Halter Pulling

6 ). Promiscuous Vices

7 ).Afraid Of Automobiles / The Story Of Kate

8 ).Trick Training & The Story Of Queen's Life

A huge 300,000 copies were sold but when motor cars arrived, the course was never reprinted.
Any unsold or second hand booklets remained as dusty curiosities. You can still buy
an original copy but they are now so rare that you'd better make sure you've got a fat bank balance!

So Who Was Jesse Beery...Why Was He So Famous Then?

Jesse Beery is long gone but his grand daughter is still very much alive and gave a rare interview recently
remembering her grandpa who she'd known until his death when she was 15 . This is what she said:

Professor Beery uses the instinctive nature of the horse in training…his ‘value system' if you like.
This natural horsemanship is really big business today but it's not new.
Beery used it over 100 years ago – he saw the world as the horse saw it and you can learn these skills too.

Jesse Beery's course is the complete training guide but it's also a great read.
It's as practical as you could wish for with easy to follow techniques and illustrations.
It has some wonderful stories, personal experiences and horse encounters that will have
you laughing your head off!
Here's just a small illustration from Booklet 8 , a light hearted section on how to teach a horse tricks:


Stand in front of the horse, a little to the left, and give him a small piece of apple with the left hand.
Next hold your hand close to your face and allow him to take another small piece of apple from it.
Now take a short stick three or four inches long and stick a small piece of apple on one end of it,
and the other end in your mouth. As the horse reaches for the apple say, "Kiss." Repeat the process,
using the command, "Kiss," each time you want him to do the act. In a few lessons he will put his
nose toward your mouth at the command, "Kiss," without any reward except reaches out his nose,
you should caress him for it, even though he does not touch your face, for it is not necessary for him
to actually touch your mouth.

What Are The Benefits Of This Course For You?