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About H-10

About H-10

We started out in 2000 with a range of excellent quality horse grooming products manufactured in the UK and shipped to Australia. These products were unique and far in advance of anything available both then...and now. Unfortunately, the cost of shipping the products to Aus became unsustainable although you may still be able to order from our sister company in the UK. You can find their website HERE

We moved then into horse training audio and visual products with titles that you will not find anywhere else and which now feature the great Australian Horse Masters of the last 50 years. Such a lot of emphasis is placed nowadays on so-called 'modern' training methods that the old techniques are often deemed crude and insensitive but people forget that in those days the horse was much more of a work animal than it is now and thus training had to be effective and economical. The horse wasn't an animal kept in a field and visited every weekend for a ride!! It had to earn it's keep just like a cattle dog of modern times.

Such Australian masters as Jim Wilton, John Pinnell, Kel Jeffrey, Des Kirk and others laid the backbone of an Australian horse training legacy...and we have them all.
In addition we have material from the US and Europe...and we wish we could offer more but archive material is either scarce or non-existent. It seems that many of the old Horse Masters were too busy working to be bothered to promote themselves...more's the pity.

So, if that interests you then be our guest and have a look around. We're sure that you find something to interest you and if you do, then buy it....and tell your friends too!

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