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What's New at H-10 - Latest: Equine Expense Sheet

You'll find a whole list of FREE horse care guides and other information on this page. Feel free to download them and use them yourself. They are all in .pdf file form so you'll need Adobe Acrobat reader to view them. While you're here why not read our weekly NEWSLETTER. It's full of great articles and news all about horses

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We have a great Horse Grooming Course written by Michael Glenn, an up and coming Show Horse competitor. It's in 4 parts and you can download each part.

We have a new addition...a horse training book courtesy of Google Books and written by an old American Horse Master, J. S. Rarey and published in 1859! It is a complete guide to horses and thanks to Google it is offered at no cost here

Di Firth, a Show Horse Champion in NSW, has written this short new guide on what you need to remember when looking after your horse. It's a must for the novice rider and very good reminder for those of us who are more experienced.

We regularly trawl through the world's top horse publications every month to see what's new and interesting. This month the emphasis seems to be on keeping your horse sound & fit. We put together this short guide which covers most of what you need to know.

Horse shows are a little thin on the ground during the winter, but here's all you need to know about show preparation, so pick up a copy now and you'll be fully prepared for your next competition.

Winter is a time when many of our horses get a well-earned rest. They still need constant care though to keep them warm, fit, well fed and healthy. Here's a great little article from Michael Glenn,that gives you the basics of looking after your horse during winter.

Did you know that arthritis is as much a problem for older horses as it is for older human beings?!! If you have an older horse then this article we've just written may help. It tells you what the disease is, what treatments are available, how to minimise its effects on your horse and suggests some simple ways to alleviate the discomfort.

My good friend Roger Bourdon runs a large web site in the UK devoted to horses. He has recently launched a very informative ebook dedicated to Horse Health. It's easy to read, easy to use and will help you identify the most common horse ailments, from arthritis to worms! Here's more information.

Michael Glenn has just written a very timely article on clipping and the winter coat. It also has some excellent tips on managing your horse in the winter. Here's the article for you. There's been a real interest in the science of Hair Analysis and how this can help with the diagnosis of equine health...or ill-health. Here's an article from one of Australia's top experts Angela Davison which is a good basis for finding out more!

Winter is the time for keeping your pride and joy snug, warm and dry whether he's outside or inside. Here's a great little guide that will help you with choosing and caring for a horse blanket or rug.

Time moves on, and with Spring around the corner we can look forward to the return of those pesky flies!! We've completed a comprehensive article on flies and how you and your horse can defend yourselves against them...especially the biting varieties! It's right here.

Hot weather is on the way - a mixed blessing especially for our horses so have a look or download this article from my friend Roger Bourdon on keeping your horse cool. just here.

It's so hot and dry that static electrical shocks are becoming a real problem for you and your horse. Here are some timely suggestions to help from our H10 contributors.

Here's a brand new article on horse floats and trailers. It looks at laws, requirements, safety aspects and the best practice for you and your horse!!

With most of Australia in drought, here's a timely article by David Nash and published by the Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation which examines feeding and management of your horse during drought periods. It's VERY comprehensive with a wealth of info to help you and your best friend cope with this terrible dry period. If you have a dial up connection then please be patient because this is a BIG file but very much worth downloading and reading

We all have to face the fact that we buy and sell our horses occasionally. It's not always a straight sale though and my good friend Patricia Reszetylo has written a great little ebook that will broaden your thinking on this tricky subject. I think you'll find it very useful. If you have a dial up connection then please be patient because this is a BIG file but very much worth downloading and reading. Incidentally Patricia wants to go to the next Olympics and has started using a great new goal setting package designed especially for us equestrians. You can have a good look too Here's more information.

My good friend Roger Bourdon has sent me THE LATEST copy of his revised and updated ebook Horse Safety. This new edition contains extra information and is 41 pages of great common sense . It's in .pdf file format and you can download it HERE.

We've a host of short articles on all sorts of horse topics that you can download courtesy of Roger. You can choose any from the list below:

Your Horses Body Language

What to do if your horse doesn't like the bit

Treating Horse Injuries

To Rug Or Not To Rug

set Your Training Objectives

Making Contact Is A Training Exercise

Its Never Too Early To Train

Making Contact Is A Training Exercise

Introducing A New horse

Improving Your Horsemanship Improves Your Confidence

How To Nurse A Neglected Horse Back To Full health

How To Keep You and Your Horse Safe In An Electrical Storm

We've just formed a deal with Andy Curry from the Superstars Of Horse Training in the USA. Their material is advanced, modern and really up to date and you should have a look!!!Just click HERE

Keep Him from pulling on the Longe - This California trainer©s three-step system will help you teach your horse proper longeing etiquette.
By Wendy Wergeles
Photos By Grady Kimbrell
Courtesy of Practical Horseman August 2007

Here a good guide to rodent control in your stables - courtesy of Equus.

There's always some confusion about how to measure a horse properly. I read complaints all the time about inaacurate decsriptions of horses including their height. Here's a guide that will make sure you get it right every time! The file is a small download and you can save and then use it. We have scanned it to be virus free.

Here's an equine expense sheet so that you can calculate all your costs involved in keeping your horse(s). Courtesy of Equisearch. Thanks.


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