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H-10 Newsletter

Warming Up...but still very dry!

Newsletters in 2017 will be, as ever, educative and informative. We redesigned the whole web site and it seems to work quite well. It'll work with mobile devices too so thanks to the guys at VP-ASP for helping.
Anyroad, this newsletter is updated on October 24th. We've had a dry, dry winter and the veggies have needed water to survive but just now we're seeing some rain after weeks of drought. Feast or famine...that's Australia.
There's been a whole heap of news etc hitting the net recently so we've tried to bring you the interesting bits......

If you are into Dressage then these tips from Olympian Carl Hester will be very useful...courtesy of Practical Horseman Magazine

Here's a free download on eventing...all you wanted to know!

Performance Horse Digest is another excellent publication and this time they've produced an online magazine for you to read or even download. You may have to register....but that's no trial for this great read. The new issue is out now.

Tendon Injury FAQs...advice from 2 vets for you.

Moves are afoot to preserve the legacy of renowned Australian horse trainer Tom Roberts, with his collection of equine resources being collated for future use by equestrians. No videos available unfortunately....but here's a selection from his Horse Control series. Courtesy of Horse Magazine

Those of you in the Northern Hemisphere will have noted that it's getting's some advice on extending the life of your blanket investment with expert tips on care and repair. Courtesy of Horse  & Rider.

Likewise, don't get stuck with a muddy, messy, unhealthy living space for your horse this winter. Learn top tips for mud control from a veterinarian who's seen it all.

Preventing Fall and Winter tips.

Fly Protection for Every Situation..courtesy of Cashel

We have a new addition...a horse training book courtesy of Google Books and written by an old American Horse Master, J. S. Rarey and published in 1859! It is a complete guide to horses and thanks to Google it is offered at NO COST

Finally, since this site showcases horse training from the Masters of the Art, have a look at this from Jim Wilton. Jim is probably the model that most Australian trainers have followed.

More news in a couple of weeks...stay safe!

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