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H-10 Newsletter


Here we go....what times we live in?!

Newsletters in 2020 will be, as ever, educative and informative. We redesigned the whole web site and it seems to work quite well. It'll work with mobile devices too so thanks to the guys at VP-ASP for helping.
Anyroad, this newsletter was updated  and I've been naughty in not updating earlier. It seems that we have only just finished summer here!!
However, as ever in 'Oz, things change with speed and the drought has finished at last...probably the worst in living memory. As usual in Oz, it's feast or famine and being a farmer is a risky business yet they still do a great job and feed us all so well.

There's been a whole heap of news etc hitting the net recently so we've tried to bring you the interesting bits......

This very latest online edition of Cyberhorse has been posted at no cost to horse lovers everywhere. It's a good read too.....

Your Horse's Facial Expression Can Signal He's in Pain...hard to believe isn't it but here's the proof courtesy of Horse & Rider

6 Seat-Fixing Exercises....Improve your position, balance and control in the saddle courtesy of Practical Horseman




How a legendary grand prix rider extends her jumpers© careers without dampening their enthusiasm for the sport....from Margie Engle



Say No to Negativity...when negativity enters your mind or naysayers darken your perspective, don©t let them keep you from achieving your riding goals. Good advice for us all.



Safety in the Stable: From the Horse's Mouth....To minimize injuries around the barn or farm, try thinking like an equine.



Here's some advice on the dangers of heat...and how to avoid them...especially for our Norther Hemisphere friends. Courtesy of Equisearch.


Here's the latest Horse online magazine


We have a new addition...a horse training book courtesy of Google Books and written by an old American Horse Master, J. S. Rarey and published in 1859! It is a complete guide to horses and thanks to Google it is offered at NO COST

Finally, since this site showcases horse training from the Masters of the Art, have a look at this from Jim Wilton. Jim is probably the model that most Australian trainers have followed.

More news in a couple of weeks as we move towards Christmas...stay safe!




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