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H-10 Newsletter

Warming Up...but still very dry!

Newsletters in 2018 will be, as ever, educative and informative. We redesigned the whole web site and it seems to work quite well. It'll work with mobile devices too so thanks to the guys at VP-ASP for helping.
Anyroad, this newsletter was updated on February 21st.  Summer has been with us for a while and with it the humidity, stinking heat and bits of rain...very sporadic and our farmers are once again in a feast or famine situation. On our coast and, thank goodness we have so far been spared the ravages of far.
There's been a whole heap of news etc hitting the net recently so we've tried to bring you the interesting bits......

This online edition of Cyberhorse has been posted at no cost to horse lovers everywhere. It's a good read too.....

If you're into dressage then this could be a great new article for you.

Improve your horse's cardiovascular health, muscular strength and suppleness to help him perform his best and reduce his chance of injury. Courtesy of Performance Horse Magazine

Andrew McLean talks about the principles of horse handling. Courtesy of Horse Magazine.

Developing a Super Seat: LEGS...courtesy of Horse Magazine and Rebecca Ashton

Feel-Good Work for your Senior Horse. Check out these tips for exercise strategies your old guy will enjoy and benefit from.   Courtesy of Horse and Rider Magazine.

When is the best time to begin a specialized feeding regimen for your older horse? These tips can help you determine how to best meet his needs. Courtesy of Equus Magazine

We have a new addition...a horse training book courtesy of Google Books and written by an old American Horse Master, J. S. Rarey and published in 1859! It is a complete guide to horses and thanks to Google it is offered at NO COST

Finally, since this site showcases horse training from the Masters of the Art, have a look at this from Jim Wilton. Jim is probably the model that most Australian trainers have followed.

More news in a couple of weeks...stay safe!

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