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Now - Learn The Skills And Importance Of Groundwork With Your Horse From A Master Trainer
'Using the Double Lunge and the Long Reins' with Tatjana Fruh
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Now - Learn The Skills And Importance Of Groundwork With Your Horse From A Master Trainer
Using the Double Lunge and the Long Reins

The importance of groundwork with your horse cannot be exaggerated. In this program you'll learn the basics of using the double lunge and long reins and your tutor is Master Trainer, Tatjana Fruh, principle instructor at The Baroque Riding Centre, Heimsheim in Germany and a long time guest presenter at such prestigious events as Equitania.
The dvd introduces the "stars' of the program, the horses, all of different breed, ages and skills so that a real cross section of horses are involved. It's clear from the start that Tatjana has a very close and understanding relationship with all her horses.

This DVD is particularly watchable, showing horses at different stages of training. Work on the double lunge and with long reins is suitable for use with any horse and for any style of riding, irrespective of the age or breed of the horse, it is also relatively easy to learn.

Tatjana then describes in detail the equipment required, its use and how it fits.
Then we see the double lunge:
  • Its suitability for all horses
  • Tacking up...and how to do it.
  • Positioning and use of the reins and whip.
  • Moving left to right and back.
The triangular system for more difficult horses.
  • Giving the commands through the hands and reins.
  • Common faults shown and corrected

Working on the long reins
  • The principles
  • Warming up and starting out
  • Techniques in using the reins
  • Halting
  • Moving backwards
  • Trotting
  • Lateral Movements and how to achieve them
  • The shoulder-in/counter shoulder-in
  • Do and don'ts of the technique.
  • Trotting - shoulder-in/counter shoulder-in
  • The half-pass, walking and trotting

Finally Tatjana shows some breathtaking examples with her horses of what can he achieved with such expert and patient training.

If you are wanting to use or are already using these techniques then this program will be of real value.
There is an extract you can watch here.

This is a brand new programme in both English and German. It was produced in 2008 and has not been available in Australia until now
Approx running time 48 mins PAL system. In Europe this dvd sells for 34.90 Euros...that's $67.00! We, thankfully can give you a good discount on that at $26.00 with free postage

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