Jim Wilton - 'The Horse and His Education'.

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I have a few Jim Wilton dvds from a while back that I ordered and then forgot about! How could I do that to a man who was quite possibly Australia's greatest horse trainer...and that from both John Pinnell and Des Kirk, both acclaimed Australian horsemasters in their own right.
See the quick view box on the product photo for more info...this is a very rare dvd and not to be missed...and I have very few. Shipping is Free.


Jim Wilton - The Horse & His Education

Some years ago I purchased a number of copies of Jim Wilton's dvd, 'The Horse & His Education'. Foolishly, I put them in a place where I knew I'd be able to find them.....and we've all done that only to find them some years later!!

I've only a few copies but this programme is a real gem for anyone who wants to learn from someone who has been acknowledged as Australia's greatest ever horsemaster. Jim was an inspiration to trainers such as Des Kirk and John Pinnell, all masters in their own right but all having learned their art from Jim.

Jim died some time ago but happily has left this legacy which he made towards the end of his life in 1986 and when he was clearly not in the best of health. The dvd has Jim's full 14 day horse training course from unbroken to trained with Ian Dunn as the trainer. The training days footage are interspersed with Jim's recollections of his earlier life experiences together with footage from the days of his famous Wonderhorse team and his trained dogs. There are some quite remarkable scenes in these 'flashbacks' and show just what a wonderful trainer of all animals Jim was.

The 14 day programme is detailed and explained in a way that any competent horseperson could use and includes initial catching, gaining confidence, mouthing, girthing, reining, leading etc right up to the final day examining shoeing and floating the newly trained horse. This is a complete programme showing Jim's tried and trusted techniques in full and is well over an hour in length.

Please don't expect stereo Dolby sound and digital reproduction...it wasn't around in those days! However,the quality of the dvd is good with the material transferred from the original film stock. The dvds are white with a printed title and a simple dvd case with a paper title wrapper...so not exactly flash but the material on the dvd is priceless.
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