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60 Minutes Of Expert Horse Training For Less Than The Price Of A Couple Of Bales Of Good Hay?!! AND FREE SHIPPING. Click on the Quick View tab on the image for more info and a video clip!


See Kel Jeffrey's Horse Training Method For New Horses Expertly Coached By Des Kirk - One Of Australia's Greatest Horse Trainers

This is probably the gentlest horse training method you'll ever see - expertly explained so that you can understand and use it straight away!!


Des Kirk was a Jeffrey 'disciple' who spent 40 years teaching the Jeffrey method to countless horse lovers around Australia. Des always said that if horse lovers used the Jeffrey method properly then they would never have to resort to hiring breakers or trainers. It could all be done by them alone and after watching this programme you have to admit that he was probably right!! Des died in 1999 but left a legacy of great horse training in this tape and the two books he authored. We hope to make one of them available soon.

This programme covers all these topics in detail using a trainee and an completely unbroken horse under Des's expert direction. It is set on an outback property in Australia and was videotaped 'live':

Initial stages - explaining the Jeffrey method
Catching your horse
Proper use of the rope - letting the horse relax
Handling the Horse - The Jeffrey Lunge
Mounting the horse, including the Stallion grip and the 3 weight stages
Close contact handling
Riding with reins
Riding in the open paddock
Further training

In all this is 60 minutes of expertly tutored horse training with every step of the process expertly explained and demonstrated.

Please note that this dvd is made from the original 1984 VHS cassette and that there are some small drop outs (thin lines across the screen) in some parts of the programme. However, this doesn't detract from excellent content and the quality of vision and sound is such that the dvd is still an excellent programme which should be watched by experienced and inexperienced horse lovers alike. All of you will enjoy and learn from this masterful example of horse training using a gentle and very successful approach.

Here's a short clip to tell you more about this dvd programme:




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