Breaking To Saddle And Harness DVD - by John Pinnell

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The first of 3 dvds H10 specially commissioned from the original Pinnell video tapes made in the 1990s. These programmes show an exceptional horse trainer at work and unlike many modern programmes, these are not 'staged' with tame horses but with the real thing. Price includes packing & shipping anywhere!! YES....Free Shipping


Wanted - Horse Lovers Who Want To Do It Better!

This Is A Brand New Release On DVD - One Of Our Greatest Horse Trainers & Breakers Shows You His Training Secrets.

John Pinnel was an Australian master horseman with more than 40 years of experience and incredible success - sadly he is no longer with us but his reputation lives on. 'After a short week with John Pinnell, even the worst horse will have been transformed into a useful mount or harness horse. - Tina Wommelsdorf, Ex Australian Dressage Champion.

"It's said that, in the area in which he lives, if John Pinnell were to shout 'Whoa', 98% of the horses in the area would stop!", Patricia Scott-Young

What John could do with a horse in just 7 days is truly amazing. He starts with a horse which has never before been handled and at the end has a completely tractable horse. This even applies to horses labelled 'unbreakable' by other horse breakers. - P J Hood, Racehorse Trainer

John Pinnell was trained by the legendary J D Wilton, the first and probably the greatest Australian 'Horse Whisperer', although he would never subscribe to that title! It doesn't matter if you break or train horses or you just want to improve your horsemanship, this DVD could be the key to your greater success.

Our double DVD Breaking to Saddle Harness shows how John Pinnell, in just seven days, takes 3 unknown horses and turns them into horses that any owner or rider would find responsive and a pleasure to ride.

You'll find John's easy going, practical style the ideal way to learn. He's practical, simple to follow and you'll learn his secrets quickly and easily. You'll also see for yourself why this man deserved the huge reputation he gained.

The programme covers every aspect of breaking and training to saddle and harness. Here are a few topics covered:
- Initial starting stages with the 3 unbroken horses in his small round yard.
- The use of the blindfold.
- The importance and use of the war bridle.
- The correct use of hobbles, straps and the collar rope.
- The use of a roller, crupper & girth and the mounting bridle.
- John examines mouthing techniques, using polling and back up techniques prior to mounting. - Saddling up, bridling, mounting and first time riding.
- Preparing the horse for the bigger round yard.
- Warming up and familiarity techniques.
- Riding in the bigger round yard.
- Left and right work.
- Preparing the horse for work in the arena.
- Working the horse in the arena.
- Preparing the horse for shoeing.

Breaking To Harness includes:
- The use of harness equipment and the correct use of blinkers.
- Reining, positioning, placement and fixing the gig.
- Familiarising the horse with the gig.
- Using the gig in the arena.
- Common problems with harness horses and how to handle them.
- Familiarising the horse with the gig.

John then goes on to show the progress each horse makes and how they become progressively more proficient. John shows more advanced techniques including the importance of trails and the opening & closing of gates. At the conclusion of this programmes, a delighted horse owner rides her horse and John also shows just how well the harness horse has adpated to the gig - a pleasure to handle!

All John's programmes are completely unrehearsed with horses that were unknown to him. His teaching style is so easy to follow that you'll find yourself with new confidence that only a master horseman can give you.

This programme is a must for every horseman or horsewoman, a small investment for the pleasure to watch such experience. It comes on a double DVD with a running time of 2 hours 54 minutes - nearly 3 hours of expert knowledge and advice. It's a 'specialised' subject and normally such programmes are $75 plus! We are offering this for a limited period at $19.99 inclusive of packing and postage.  The DVD is multi zonal and will play on any player. Orders from North America will receive NTSC compliant DVDs. All other orders will receive PAL compliant discs. All that means is wherever you live you'll have no problem playing this great DVD!! And remember, this is only the first of 3 of John's famous programmes - 'Problem Horses' is now available and 'Floating' or 'Trailering' is here now too.
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