Jesse Beery's Famous Mail Order Training Course

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Over 200,000 copies sold!! The Expert Secrets Every Horse Owner Needs To Know About Training Their Horse - now on easy to read/print adobe acrobat files on CD. Shipping is FREE.

I have just received the Jesse Beery's horse Training Course on C.D. and I can't stop reading it. I have started training ponies to drive and the is just wonderful to read, I have only skimmed through it but if I follow the course I should have the best driving ponies ever.
It is so easy to follow and I like the drawings.  It covers everything I wanted to know so I hope I can do the book justice.  It may have been written in the early 1900's but it is one of the best horse training books I have.
Thank you, Lynette Sharman


Just Revealed - The Perfect Guide To Horse Training - written by a Master of the Art.

This Is A Horse Training Course That Was Written A Long Time Ago? Why Would I Be Interested!?
Because it was written by the acknowledged expert horse trainer of the day in a time when everyone had a horse and there were very few cars! This is 40 years experience with horses in one course! Follow this course and you can relax on your horse and never worry about him misbehaving.

Does It Work?
Oh Yes! It sold in its thousands because it taught horse owners how to diagnose and treat horse problems....and a lot more besides! You see, by using this system you can cut hours from training time... and that's a REAL saving!

Who used It?
Just about everyone who owned a horse! The author, Professor Jesse Beery, sold 300,000 copies in the US alone!!

Who Uses It Now?
Since its re-discovery a few years ago trainers worldwide have adopted it as 'their' training system and many horse lovers have adopted Jesse Beery's "commonsense" approach too. Many people have also bought the course just because it's a great insight into the life & times of the early 1900s. It's an historical gem!

Things Have Changed Though Haven't They??
Of course, but horses haven't - their bad habits are still there! Training is essential, that's why if you own a horse this course is so valuable. It's a mine of information for you.

This set of 8 training manuals all on the one CD gives you all this...

1. Colt Training
2. Disposition & Subjection
3. Kicking & Baulking
4. Shying & Running Away
5. Bad to Shoe & Halter Pulling
6. Promiscuous Vices
7. Afraid Of Automobiles / The Story Of Kate
8. Trick Training & The Story Of Queen's Life

It describes in detail each of the steps Professor Beery used to train a horse, starting with his system of assessing a horse's character and likely behaviour from his own acute observations. A great technique to learn! His system became so accurate that Beery was able to 'size up' the character, demeanour and attitude of a horse in just a few minutes. This initial assessment is described in detail so that you can understand and use it easily.

The course looks at the fundamentals of training a horse and the Beery method of achieving them - all illustrated with original captions, illustrations and photographs for you. Then come the common 'bad habits' of horses and the Beery methods of training the animal to eliminate the habit and foster future good behaviour. Each habit is examined in detail and in many cases more than one solution is offered. In addition these sections describe actual examples and 'eyewitness' accounts. If you adopt these techniques you won't fail!

Beery also quotes, again from 'eyewitness' accounts, of what happened in the many horse shows and training 'clinics' he ran all over the USA. These descriptions (amusing, frightening and fascinating) are a great insight into the life of a horse expert of the day. They make great reading!! The Professor describes the common horse breeds used at the time and the habits, strengths and weaknesses of each. Useful expert opinion for us horse lovers.

Finally, there's a fascinating chapter on the life of a two horses... from the horses' perspective!! It describes how each horse was trained, their experiences and the ups and downs of their lives. It describes in detail their fears, their phobias and their feelings. It's a wonderfully descriptive and understanding narrative that shows Beery's insight into horses and is destined to make you feel and think as a horse... just for a few minutes!

This course is all about adopting the skills of a legendary horse trainer. It trains you to use your own natural ability to get your horse to do exactly what you want. 200,000 buyers can't be wrong!! Please note that this is a BOOK ON A CD-ROM format NOT a dvd. You can print the contents too. The files are Adobe Acrobat .pdf files.
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