The Famous H10 Horse Care Disk

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A compilation CD of all our horse care and health articles. Great value!!!


Welcome to the H-10 Horse Care CD!

This disk is full of programmes and articles designed to give you lots of information for you and your horse. Topics covered will help you look after your horse on an ongoing basis, help you get the best from your horse in competition, and keep you in touch with the newest trends in horse grooming and general care too.

All but one of the articles are Australian in their origin and most of the contributing authors are champions in their own right. If you own, look after or love horses, you should have this CD!

The files on this CD are:

  1. Tips for grooming your horse - over 100 tips from Australian horse owners and riders to keep your horse looking great.
  2. Keeping Safe On A Horse - tells you how and why. Safety principles that every horserider should know.
  3. The Grooming Course in 4 parts - written by a show horse professional, this 4 part course gives you the elements of how to groom your horse for a professional result.
  4. The Show Checklist - lists everything you need to check before, during and after any horse show or competition. A must if you compete in any horse discipline.
  5. The H-10 Grooming Survey. The most comprehensive survey ever carried out in Australia amongst horse professionals and owners alike. There's everything you need to know about grooming products, trends, techniques, opinions and much, much more. This survey has a commentary explaining each of the results we obtained.
  6. An Introduction To Horse Care by Di Firth. Di is an Australian Show Horse Champion and in this guide she gives you the benefits of her great experience and tells you the basics of short and long term horse care.
  7. Looking After Your Horse In Winter. Michael Glenn explains just what to do for your favourite horse during the cold spells.
  8. Looking After The Older Horse. Horses suffer from arthritis - just what can you do? Our article tells you!
  9. The Basics Of Horse Clipping. Michael Glenn from H10 reviews the basics of this skill for you.
  10. What's In This Hair Analysis Thing? Angela Davison reviews the new science of hair analysis and how it can measure the health of your horse.
  11. Choosing & Looking After Your Horse Rug Or Blanket - This piece of vital equipment can cost heaps! Learn how to safeguard and look after it!
  12. The weather is getting warmer and we know what that means....FLIES! Learn more about them AND how to look after and safeguard your horse friend from these pesky biters!!
  13. Horses & Static! Ever pulled that rug off your horse and felt like you'd touched an electrical cable and your poor horse jumps a mile too!!! It's all too common in dry weather so we give you lots of readers tips to avoid this unpleasantness for you....and your horse!!
  14. Here's a 35 minute interview with Di Firth, a show horse professional and a judge that we made at the 2006 Sydney Royal Easter Show. Think you know what's required for a champion?....listen on!

This CD opens the Windows Explorer programme on your computer so that you'll be able to choose and open any of the programmes. If you don't have a copy of Adobe Acrobat to open the .pdf files, there is one on the CD. The Grooming Survey can only be opened if you have Microsoft Power Point Viewer installed on your computer. There is a copy on the CD.
A great set of educational articles at a great price on a handy CD.

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