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John Pinnell's Famous Horse Training Book - 'Training To Saddle & Harness.'
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At Last - A Real Australian Approach To Horse Training

John Pinnel was an Australian master horseman with more than 40 years of experience and incredible success but sadly no longer with us.

John worked with literally thousands of horses of all shapes & sizes breaking-in to saddle or harness, re-educating problem horses or teaching them to float.

All this experience is packed into his book "Horsebreaking & Training - The Commonsense Approach' 118 pages of distilled knowledge complete with illustrations depicting all his techniques.

This book is out of print but we have managed to source brand new copies direct with full permission to market the books through H-10.

You WON'T find this book new anywhere in Australia...or anywhere else.

It covers :
The handling of the foal
Handling previously untouched horses
Breaking in to saddle
The problem horse
Training of the horse
Breaking in to harness
Harness horse problems
Buying a horse
Use of artificial aids

John's easy going writing style and commonsense approach makes this a book for anyone who owns a horse. This type of uniquely Australian experience is rare and should not be missed.

The book is in paperback format, fully illustrated with lessons within each chapter. There are 118 pages and it is brand new. It has tough plastic covers and steel ring binding and so can be used as a practical training tool.

"What John can do with a horse in 7 days is truly amazing."

"With firm gentleness he changes problem horses into pleasures and establishes secure grounding for those young horses lucky enough to pass through his talented hands.

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