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The Complete Set of John Pinnell dvds and his book 'Horse Breaking & Training - The Commonsense Approach' Over 6 and a half hours of the best horse training advice you can buy...anywhere, together with the book to accompany it all! Free shipping


We now have the complete set of John Pinnell dvds PLUS his accompanying book 'Horse Breaking & Training - The Common Sense Approach' available as a complete kit.

The Kit contains:
dvd 1: Breaking To Saddle & Harness
dvd 2: Problem Horses
dvd 3: Floating Your Horse
and John's book written to accompany all 3 programmes, 'Horse Breaking & Training - The Common Sense Approach'.

Born in Sydney, Australia, in 1931, the son of a blacksmith from New Zealand who made his living by dealing in horses and cattle, John was always around animals. So John had contact with horses from his earliest days in fact he broke his first horse at the tender age of 16, so if you do the math you can see just how much experience he does have.

After more than 40 years of experience and incredible success, he wrote the first version of his book, and even made 3 videos to illustrate his work at the time. Those videos were the starting point for the new DVDs we are offering here.

He has worked with literally thousands of horses of all shapes and sizes breaking them in to saddle or harness, re-educating problem horses or teaching them to float. He was softly spoken, and had the art of working with horses in a slow and steady manner such that his eyes will never leave the eyes of the horse he is working. Always one step ahead, he simply did not know the meaning of the word failure. He was a real Horse Whisperer, who worked in the gentlest of manners with a horse never getting angry or aggressive with an animal, and he would never ever think of raising his voice to a horse. He learned that you can make a horse obey your every command simply by virtue of the simple, gentle, consistent and kind approach that you will learn about in his material. If he ever resorted to any force it is only ever because there is absolutely no other way and you can be sure that he had tried them all before he got to that stage.

If you had asked him who he most admired he would have said the late J D Wilton from whom he learned so much. Wilton himself used to describe John as the best horseman he ever knew, apart from himself that is!

Unfortunately, John is no longer with us but you can still benefit from his expertise After a short week even the worst horse will be totally transformed into a useful mount or harness horse. If you have a problem horse, John's tried & trusted methods will help you train him. If you have difficulties floating your horse, then John can help you and your pampered pet will just walk into the float all by himself.

These 3 DVDs allow you to see exactly what the trainer is doing along with listening to the description of the training lesson itself. Therefore you are not left to assume anything from just reading a text you can actually see his techniques in glorious color pausing just as and when you need to, so that you can take the information in at exactly the speed that suits you. In the comfort of you own house and armchair you can watch this great resource as often as you want anytime you want! This means you make the most of your available time, so you can fit this into your busy schedule, after work or at any time you want making the most of your free time. So no need to read a word if you don't want to just watch the DVDs. How many other packages offer you the chance to see the Trainer in action?

These DVDs are particularly good because John uses horses with known problems in this program. Most of them have already been to 'renowned' horse trainers and then returned as 'untrainable'. There's no easy option for John as he shows us the 'real life' situation!
This package is sold with FREE shipping and comes as compact case with the book and DVDs all included.

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