Prof Carroll's Horse Training System - on CD

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This material was written by Prof J. S. Carrol. Very little is known of the 'Professor' other than he was Texan by birth and that the book was written at some time in the 19th century. We've transposed it and put it on CD's
In the first part of the article Carroll describes the results of bad horse training and his words are as true now as they were then..nothing much has changed! He then goes on to describe his methods and you will find that many of today's so called new methods derive a skill or two from this man. On CD's and fully printable. Shipping is FREE.


This is a fascinating short book written in the 1800s by a man who was obviously at his peak in the field of horse training and who specialised in the 'ornery critters' beloved of the cowboy west. Whether Carroll was actually a REAL professor no-one seems to know but his writings would have you believe that he was a philosopher, professor AND and first class horse trainer!

Carroll describes the horse as a noble animal, tamed by man to do his bidding in a partnership role that was vital to early mankind. He describes the parlous state of horse management and horse training in particular that was common in his day and his reasons for the causes of that situation.
He then goes on to outline his training methods which we're sure many trainers could profit from today!

He describes methods for managing:

  • The Wild and Vicious horse
  • The Runaway
  • The Kicker
  • The Balker
  • The Puller
  • The Jumper
  • The Fence Breaker
  • The Pawer

He then ends with a really amusing set of methods of 'nobbling' a horse without harming it it any way, and some home made methods of curing horse ailments. Why he wrote this last section we can only guess at. Perhaps it was 'the flavour of the day'!

All in all, this little book is a great read whether you are interested in history, or horses, or horse training or all three!
It's comes in .pdf Adobe format on a CD ROM disk that you just put into your computers CD drive.


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