Kel Jeffrey - 'The Jeffrey Way'

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Kel Jeffrey was another of Australia's great horse master trainers. The Jeffrey Horse Training method is as good now as it ever was and this programme shows the maestro himself at work in a film made in the 1960s. Free shipping for dvds


Here's A Horse Lovers Gem!!

Discover The Ways Of The Original Australian Horse Masters

Kel Jeffrey was one of Australia's greatest horse trainers in the mould of the late, great J D Wilton and probably just as good!!! This dvd is compiled from a Kel Jeffrey film made in 1950 showing the great man's techniques. It's expertise that is as useful and practical today as it was then and if you love horses and you want to learn more about the RIGHT way to train, this is unmissable!!

Here's a short video to tell you more about this dvd programme:

Kel Jeffrey made this film at the ripe old age of 75 years yet his obvious mastery of horse training shines through every minute of this dvd. His famous horse training technique is designed to get the horse to follow his movements and to turn to him within 30 minutes of starting training with a completely unbroken animal! Jeffery used his 'Advance & Retreat' principle which is a gentle method of instruction since Jeffrey hated any form of cruelty to horses.
This DVD covers the following topics:

  • Initial careful lassooing and capture
  • The Jeffrey 'Magic Hold'
  • The Jeffrey 'Firmer Hold'
  • The Jeffrey 'Advance & Retreat' method
  • Initial touching of the horse
  • Introducing the headstall
  • Introducing the bit
  • 'The Carriage Of Man' process - getting mounted
  • Teaching the horse to take weight on its back
  • Saddling and fixing the girth & crupper
  • Mounting in the saddle
  • Unsaddling
  • Leg handling for trimming & shoeing

Each part of the programme has commentary explaining the processes and commenting on the methods.

This is the sort of training magic that still works as well now as it ever did and many 'disciples' such as the late Des Kirk have used Jeffrey's methods to train many thousands of pupils and their horses in the years since. There's a lot of rubbish around in the horse training world at present and you've probably seen it. This programme shows a master at work with an unbroken horse - there's no faking or 'set up' scenes! It's a must for any horse lover, trainer or would-be trainer or horse historian too.

The 20 minute film was originally made in colour on an Australian property in 1950 so the quality is not modern day cinema standard, nor would you expect it to be!! However, the sound and vision are quite acceptable and nothing is missing. The DVD is multi zonal so it will play anywhere in the world. We can supply NTSC format copies for US/Canadian buyers


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