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The Complete Guide to Gymkhana for Horses on DVD. Great for gymkhana 'learners' and experienced riders alike and a MUST for clubs wanting to organise and run gymkhana events.Don't forget to choose the free shipping for dvds option in the drop down box on your order details page!!!


The Complete Guide to Gymkhana for Horses is an action packed, fun to watch DVD on horseback racing that anyone can do. This video is not your typical horse video with someone talking into the camera for an hour. All the events and tips are demonstrated with actual riders and great country music.

This informative-packed 75 minute video contains complete details on all the Gymkhana events in California and it will be just as good for us here in Aus too!!! It includes all the event dimensions and patterns, and will be referred to for years to come. It discusses common technique errors, and give some riding tips for each event. Also included is a general discussion of the rules, tips on choosing a good horse, and some suggestions on riding techniques. This 75 minute video is an excellent reference for beginning riders or riders looking to increase their speed. The Californian Gymkhana Association is the largest in the USA and a 'referral source' for all others.

Show Guidelines: The Complete Guide to Gymkhana for Horses is also an excellent guide for Horse Clubs and Arena Operators who run "Play Days" or "Mounted Games." Includes all the measurements for events, instructions for building or buying obstacles, how to run the events, and how to set up the arena.

Here's a short clip from the video so that you can see for yourself!!:

Here is the contents page so that you can see for yourself exactly what you are getting!

dvd backcover

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Choosing A Horse
Chapter 3 A Bit On Tack
Chapter 4 Horse Care
Chapter 5 General Gymkhana Rules
Chapter 6 Setting Up the Arena
Chapter 7 Building Obstacles
Chapter 8 Rider Tips
Chapter 9 Single Stake
Chapter 10 Birangle
Chapter 11 Quadrangle
Chapter 12 Figure 8 Stake
Chapter 13 Figure 8 Flags
Chapter 14 Poles I
Chapter 15 Poles II
Chapter 16 Big T
Chapter 17 Speed Barrels
Chapter 18 Keyhole
Chapter 19 Speedball
Chapter 20 Hurry Scurry
Chapter 21 Barrels
Chapter 22 Bloopers
Chapter 23 Rules

$32 is a very good price for this 70 minute dvd and this INCLUDES postage and packing.
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