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This is a brand new dvd from the UK showing Vanessa at work with wild Dartmoor ponies and using the famous Kel Jeffrey horse training method. A great addition to the 2 Kel Jeffrey dvds we already have.
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Would A Gentle 'Last Century' Horse Training Method Still Work For You Today??

You Bet...And On The Wildest Of Horses Too!!

Watch Vanessa Bee, an English horse professional with success in training, racing and driving horses, use Kel Jeffrey's famous 'horse starting' method on a wild, untrained Dartmoor foal and you'll be amazed at the results!

Let me tell you a little about Vanessa.About 5 years ago she read a book about an Australian Horse Trainer named Kel Jeffrey. The book described a gentle method of horse training or 'starting' for both young and older horses that Vanessa just had to try. She read on about Kel Jeffrey and discovered his intriguing life story and his novel and amazing horse training method..

Kel Jeffrey was Australia's greatest horse trainer and his art has only ever been approached by the great J. D. Wilton. The Jeffrey method is the gentlest of methods of horse starting and training developed anywhere and despite the more recent (and some would say, more crowd pleasing) methods, has stood the test of time to be recognised as the method by which the results of many others should be judged.

Kel Jeffrey died in the 1954 but always maintained his simple philosophy - 'I talk to the horse and play with it gently. After a while it realises I'm not such a bad guy, and I can do anything with it'.

Kel Jeffrey like a lot of city boys, went to college. In fact he was training to be a lawyer when he was struck down by an illness - and remember in those days antibiotics were a thing of the future! Just like many before him, Kel was sent out to the country air to convalesce and ended up on a property in the outback at Chandlers Peak. Every day Kel watched as the wranglers went out on their daily routine rounding up cattle and every day Kel noticed that one particular horse was always left behind. Curious about this, he eventually asked why and was told that the horse was 'untrainable'.

Kel set out to make friends with this horse and using his own but as yet undeveloped horse sense, a 22 foot long braided rope and working in a small round yard he amazed the wranglers on their return by riding the mare comfortably with no saddle or bridle. Kel was a 'natural' and from then on dropped his ambition for the law and became one of Australia's greatest horse trainers.

His methods are used today by such successful horsemen as Clinton Anderson who freely admits to using some of Kel's methods on every horse he trains, and of course by Vanessa. She used the method on untrained Dartmoor ponies in the UK...the wildest horses you can find, and she thought that if it worked on them, then it would work on just about any horse...well, it did!
Since then Vanessa has started many horses successfully using Kel's methods. She now trains for the UK National Trust (the equivalent of our Parks & Wildlife Depts) and recently recorded a UK BBC Channel 2 TV programme showing her instructing a terrified wild life 'expert' (he hated horses!) to tame an unbroken colt in less than an hour! She's passionate about this method and it shows in this new dvd made on her property in the UK last year. We've posted a small clip of this video 

Vanessa's technique is practical and based on her Foundation Skills of horse training. It's practical and it really works. These foundation skills are

  • The Horse has to learn to be caught
  • The Horse has to learn to be led
  • The Horse has to learn to be tied
  • The Horse has to learn to pick up its feet for trimming/shoeing
  • The Horse has to learn to enter the float/trailer

With these basics in mind, Vanessa starts with an unbroken, wild Dartmoor colt by sharing space in a round pen in an unthreatening manner.

Then she shows us Kel's methods for:

  • Roping the foal
  • Teaching the foal to 'give' to pressure
  • The 'invitational' tug
  • Front and back end movement - freeing up the feet
  • Putting on the halter
  • Leading the foal

Vanessa emphasises the importance of short training sessions with young horses - a maximum of 5-10 minutes a day and the importance of starting the process young and finally covers:

  • The basics of tieing up
  • Handling feet
  • Floating / trailering

This programme is 41 minutes of horse training excellence filmed at Vanessa's property in the UK and it is the latest of 3 dvds already available from H10 Australia showing the Kel Jeffrey Horse Training Method. This programme, just like the 2 others, is practical and shows all the techniques in depth. It's a great tutorial!

If you are a horse trainer or 'breaker', amateur or professional or just an avid horse lover then this programme is a must. It shows just how gentle yet successful is Kel Jeffrey's original horse starting method, and it's true......this 'last century' training method works as well today as it did back then!!

This programme is supplied in PAL format or NTSC format depending on the order. It is multi-zonal and so will play anywhere.

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